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Burgundar is a dedicated LARP (live action role playing) village and a place of adventure in Harrison, Maine. 


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The Board


The Burgundar Board consists of six owners who strive to provide a curated and atmospheric event site in the State of Maine. The Board builds and strengthens the local LARP communities by following our three guiding pillars: INCLUSIVENESS, RESPECT, and EMPOWERMENENT.



The Site


With evergreen forests, winding trails, and permanent buildings, it is the perfect place for the imagination to run wild. As a host site to several LARPs, Burgundar offers a unique opportunity for game runners and an immersive experiences for players. The site includes a tower, roundhouse, tavern, house of records, a six foot diameter fire-pit in the center of the village, a staffing area with a storage building, outhouses, a camping area, and a long dirt road that is accessible by most vehicles.

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The Community


Burgundar could not survive and thrive without its passionate community. Most of the landscaping and construction at Burgundar has been accomplished by the work of the Board, dedicated volunteers, and a few generous benefactors who want Burgundar to be the best LARP venue it can be.

As an L3C Burgundar is a hybrid entity comprised of both non-profit and for-profit attributes. As a low-profit company all income from the rental services goes back into Burgundar maintenance and improvement.



Burgundar has five committees dedicated to specific goals for the site and community. Members of the public are welcome to join a committee and assist the Board in ways that will have a direct positive impact. If you are interested in joining a committee, email

Committees: Building and Grounds, Site Rental, Policy, Community Outreach, and Social Media and Advertising




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