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LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) is a hobby in which participants portray imaginary characters through physical action, often in costume and with props. LARP provides an outlet for a wide variety of creative activities from story writing to costume making. It's also a fun and exciting way to get exercise and enjoy the natural beauty of Maine. By attending an event at Burgundar you have access to experiences you would otherwise only read about or watch in movies and television. Have you ever wanted to be a brave knight, a powerful mage, or a bounty hunter? At Burgundar, those dreams can come true.

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LARP Suppliers:

  • Armstreet - Stylish medieval garbs, armor, footwear and accessories. 

  • Calimacil - Manufacturer of high-quality Foam Weapon and gear for LARP and martial arts. 

  • Epic Armory - Manufacturer of high-quality LARP clothes, weapons, metal armor and more.

  • The Bonaparte Company - Traveling supplier providing Maine with quality armor, costuming, and props. 

  • B3 Imagination Studio - B3 Imagination Studio specializes in making high quality ultra light foam weapons for Live Action Role Playing games. 

Nearby Accommodations: 

  • Hillside Cottages - Quaint, clean, cottages located in Norway, Maine about 4 miles from the event site, rates start at $140 a night  

  • Hampton Inn - Located in Oxford, Maine about 12 miles or 18 minutes away from event site. Rates start at $100 a night. 

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