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Renting the site

Burgundar is currently accepting rental requests through


When sending a rental request, please include a summary about your planned event, how many you expect to attend, and a short list of dates on which you'd like the event to occur. Keep in mind, there is a 70 person attendee limit for public events, you are responsible for clean-up, for upholding our site rules and policies, and for hiring or acquiring any staff. Please thoroughly review our site rules and rental contract before submitting a rental request. Burgundar L3C reserves the right to reject applications for any reason.

As the Event Director, you will need to sign our Event Director Rental Contract and agreement. This will be provided to you once your event is approved and the event date(s) have been solidified.

Interested in renting Burgunder for a private event? Please email us at for more information


Burgundar, L3C provides a general liability insurance. 

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