Burgundar is a dedicated LARP village and a place of adventure. With 80 acres of evergreen forests, winding trails, and permanent buildings, it is the perfect place for the imagination to run wild. As a host site to several LARPs, Burgundar offers a unique opportunity for game runners and an immersive experiences for players. The site includes a tower, roundhouse, tavern, house of records, a six foot diameter fire-pit in the center of the village, a staffing area with a storage building, outhouses, a camping area, and a long dirt road that is accessible by most vehicles.


The Burgundar Fellowship:

President (CEO) Douglas Andrews: Doug is a born and bred Maine child and has lived in the state his whole life. He started LARPing in 2005 and his interest and investment in the sport and community have only grown deeper since. His goal is to see LARP grow into the main stream which is always at the forefront of his endeavors and is committed to seeing all games grow together as the community grows.

CFO Josh Burton:

Secretary Lynne Hazelton: Lynne is a textile artist and costume designer with a BFA from Maine College of Art. She has been LARPing since 2014 and was a co-creator/co-Game Master of Parallax LARP, is currently a co-creator/co-Game Runner of Out of the Ashes, and the creator of Apocalypse Showdown.

Vice President Garrett Leavitt: Garrett has been LARPing in New England since 2013 and is a self-styled 'Dragon Aficionado.' While relatively new to the scene of game logistics and management, he hopes to utilize his business degree to its fullest as a member of the Burgundar Board, for the benefit of games and players alike

Kristina Madjerac:  

David Sirois: David is a veteran LARPer who has taken part in many campaigns at both the Jefferson MASI site and the Harrison Burgundar site. He began his LARPing career with his son in 2009 after hearing about it many times around the dinner table. Dave has truly made an impact on the community with his skills in construction, and seeks to use that expertise to continue to better Burgundar. 

Dylan Sirois: Dylan is a graduate from the University of Maine with a degree in Secondary Education and History. He became involved with the Maine Adventure Society Inc. in 2009. After an immersive experience, he had the urge to own his own site, which later, became Burgundar. It is his hope Burgundar will expand the hobby to those who would not initially see themselves as "LARPers" by offering an affordable site, with the right amenities, and a variety of exciting, and inclusive games. 

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