Burgundar Policies

In addition to being a business, Burgundar is a community that promotes inclusion and collaboration. To that end, Burgundar L3C has the following policy on Nondiscrimination.

  • No client shall be denied service based on • race • age • religious beliefs • color • place of origin • sex • gender • mental or physical disability • ancestry • marital status • sexual orientation/relationship lifestyle • source of income • veteran status • family status • political affiliation of that person or of any other person.

  • It is preferred, but not necessary, for event runners to mimic this nondiscrimination policy, as Burgundar L3C understands the desire and need for minority groups to sometimes gather together as a community. 

  • In any instances that the nondiscrimination policy would conflict with local, state or federal law, this policy shall yield fully to the law.


Disregard for our policies will result in a range of consequences, from a warning to a lifetime ban and legal action. A minor offense will result in a warning with banishment for three events for repeat offenders. A major offense will result in a minimum of a year-long ban from the site with possibility of a lifetime ban and legal action. The severity of the offense will be decided case by case. Individual games may have additional conduct and safety rules.

General Safety Notes

Live Action Role-Playing is exciting, but it is a contact sport. You wander the woods, have daring escapes, close calls, delve into ruins, and battle against your foes with padded (“boffer” or latex) swords. All these things can be dangerous. You must keep real life safety firmly in mind at all times. It is a game, and the most important thing is keeping everyone safe. Common sense must be used at all times no matter how much fun you are having. Don’t hesitate to stop the game or take other steps to protect yourself and others from injury.


  • Open flame outside of buildings is only to be allowed when local Fire Danger is "MODERATE" or below.

  • There must be a fire extinguisher within a reasonable distance from any open flame.

  • No combat is permitted within 10 feet of an open flame or the FIRE PIT.

  • Candles, lanterns, and other open flames used for lighting should never be left unattended.

  • Any candle to be used must be set up so as to be floating in a container FILLED WITH WATER, so that, if the candle and container were to be overturned, the water could reasonably be expected to snuff or extinguish the flame. 

  • If a room or building has a sufficient number of people within it as to be reasonably considered "crowded", candles must be snuffed.

  • Candles may not be used during events where the local Fire Danger is "Very High" or "Extreme".

  • Flame used for brief periods, such as to melt sealing wax, is not subject to the above rules.



Smoking is restricted to designated areas only: cigarette butts are to be left in the sand-filled buckets only. Some games allow smoking medieval pipes around the fire pit, ask the event's director.



Please do not loiter in the parking area and treat it with respect. Brugundar does not own the parking area, it is rented from a kindly neighbor whom has offered it for your convenience. Only staff may drive vehicles beyond the parking lot unless you have special permission. For any assistance please come to the staff building or contact the event director.


Environmental Risks:

Traverse the forest at your own risk. While Burgundar takes measures to provide safety for our staff and attendees, events occur in a forest, which means there will be wild animals, holes dug by animals, fallen trees, and other dangers inherent to a forest. Ankle rolling is the most common injury suffered while moving in a forest. Be ever mindful of where you are putting your feet and move cautiously. It is highly suggested that you never traverse the forest alone.