Hosted Games:

Apocalypse Showdown: A Post-Apocalyptic Player Vs. Player LARP (aGES 18+)

Monsters & Mayhem: a light hearted Fantasy LARP of adventure and skullduggery. 

MYSTWOOD: The Chronicles of Novgorond  

Out of the Ashes: a Post-Apocalyptic Survival LARP, premiering in 2021 (aGES 18+)

Star Hunter: Sci-fi LARP game starring a band of upstart Bounty Hunters on an outer rim planet. (Ages 14+)
Sock Hop Horror: A 1950s LARP of Campy Zombie Survival


Due to COVID-19 our 2020 Event Schedule is Subject to Change.



Star Hunter: Origins - Playtest: Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 9 AM – 11 PM
Mystwood: The Chronicles of Burgundar: Jun 26 at 6 PM – Jun 28 at 4 PM
Mystwood: The Chronicles of Burgundar: Sep 25 at 6 PM – Sep 27 at 4 PM
Out of the Ashes Playtest Sept 18-20



Monsters and Mayhem (tentative): July 31 - Aug 2
Star Hunter: Oct 2 - Oct 4
A Day in the Life of Mystwood: Oct 10



Star Hunter: Aug 7 - Aug 9
Burgundar Faire and Guy Fawkes Celebration, Nov 7
Burgundar Winterization Day: Nov 15
Mystwood: The Chronicles of Burgundar: Aug 14 at 6pm - Aug 16 at 4pM
Apocalypse Showdown: Aug 22

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Burgundar L3C reached out to the Maine Center for Disease Control and received specific recommendations on how to safely host events. We will be implementing these recommendations to the best of our ability to ensure the safety of those making use of our event site.

These recommendations include the following:

     1) Locations on the property will be limited to roughly 50 persons. These locations include NPC Camp, the Camping Area, the Market Tent village area, the village center, the Mines, etc. Buildings will also be limited to five people within at a time.

     2) Hand washing stations will be established in the village area, out houses, camping area and NPC camp.

     3) Event runners will collect the names and email addresses of all participants. Any participants experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or who have been in contact with someone experiencing symptoms will be asked not to attend. Participants who experience symptoms up to ten days after the event will be asked to report that information to their event runner so that a notice can go out to those who attended the event.

     4) Masks will not be required, as Burgundar is largely an outdoor venue, however participants should do their best to remain 6’ apart.

Given the nature of the Burgundar site, the Maine CDC did not advise us to cancel events, getting outside is a great way to stay active, healthy and happy. It’s up to all of us to act responsibly, and Burgundar will do its best to support our event runners and community.

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