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You are a skilled, but nameless and green Bounty Hunter seeking your first contract. Your adventure begins in the lawless town of Riburn, a hive of villainy and scum. After a harrowing test of skills, known as The Rite of Passage, you are no longer a Strayling. This day, the Hunters Guild bestows upon you the title, “Bounty Hunter”.

As a member of the Hunters Guild, you have sworn to uphold ‘The creed of Hunters’. Whether for glory, fame, credits or principle, you are prepared to track your targets with the dogged determination befit your title. Go now, Hunter, and secure your first contract, and if another Hunter should get in your way, well… there are sly means to get them out of your hair without breaking The Creed.


Star Hunter: Origins is a ‘Mandalorian’, ‘Mass Effect’ and ‘Dune’ inspired LARP-game about a band of upstart Bounty Hunters on an outer-rim planet. Aesthetically, the game will mimic a gritty, sci-fi Western look, as opposed to the sleek and futuristic look of Mass Effect.

The rules will be lite and familiar for those who’ve played other Maine LARPs. While the mechanics will be familiar, what makes this game truly unique is how they’ll be used. Players will have license to experiment deeply with various ability combinations that can be switched out on the fly.


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