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Star Hunter 2 is a Sci-fi Cyberpunk Larp Set on a planet where your life is truly just worth how much cash you have. From the immortal corporate heads and rulers of other worlds to the common worker and citizen, and to the low-born and gangers pushed out of the megacities of the world. The technology levels are similar to what you would see in popular media such as Cyberpunk or Borderlands.

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2023 Events


MAY 26 AT 7 PM – MAY 28 AT 5 PM

Event 2

JUL 14 AT 7 PM – JUL 16 AT 5 PM

Event 3

SEP 1 AT 7 PM – SEP 3 AT 5 PM

Event 4

OCT 6 AT 7 PM – OCT 8 AT 5 PM

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