As a player in Out of the Ashes you’ll be a member of one of three Factions that used to fight each other for the control of a territory known as Burgundar. Now they are allies that work together to build up Burgundar as a neutral trading and barter settlement. These Factions have sent dozens of their own to live in, work at, and defend Burgundar; you are among them. Players will work together to make Burgundar a functional and safe town and territory in a crazy world filled with enemy Factions, monsters, and mysteries.

It is said that the leading nations on earth could not maintain peace amongst themselves, leading to war after war, until the entire planet was engulfed in conflict. Millions of lives were lost over a span of a couple years and then the Ending War caused the death of the world. Those that survived the conflict lived only to face new horrors. People everywhere were trying to find safety, security, food, and water. They struggled and quickly began fighting each other over dwindling resources. Over 100 years later, the descendants of those who survived the massacre live in a world of magic and chaos. People are scavengers, rebuilding a new world from the remnants of the old and still coveting vital resources for survival. 

There are no longer recognize nations nor do any still live that remember what the world was like before it died and before magic was born. Groups of survivors grew and became known as Factions. Just as if history plans to repeat itself, these Factions bicker and fight over resources and territory. Some make alliances, some keep to themselves, and some seem to want to watch the remaining fragments of life burn.

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