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"It is a time when danger lurks and adventure is found within"

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Mystwood Burgundar's Events are held at the site of the same name, 40 acres in the heart of the charming woods of Southwestern Maine, in the town of Harrison.

In-game, the Chronicles of Burgundar take place in a small, newly refounded village that borders the kingdom of Burgundy. Burgundar was founded by Norse peoples, and their cultures conflicted to such an extent that Burgundy gifted the territory surrounding the village to the Duke of Eastmarch... or so the story goes. 

After several years of settlement by the folk of Navarre, the village seems in many ways as unsafe as ever, with intrigue and enemies abounding.

The Chronicles of Burgundar are run by Game Masters Carrie Johnson, Levi Smith and Ralph Plumpton.

2023 Events

April 22nd

Costume Swap and Sale: at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Gardiner (ME). We will expect folks there for 11 AM and will probably leave between 5 and 6ish. Feel free to bring the costumes, props, supplies and sundries that are taking up room in your closets and totes. You can offer items up for free, for trade, or place a price on them, but understand that unless an agreement is made, you need to take home what you don't get rid of.

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