It is a time when danger lurks in the mists, when things long buried emerge from the depths of the forest, when ordinary folk may win fame and fortune with sword and spell, or perish unremarked. In short, it is as it has always been in the Mystwood... 

The Chronicles of Burgundar: 

The Chronicles of Burgundar take place in a small, newly refounded village that borders the kingdom of Burgundy. Burgundar was founded by Norse peoples, and their cultures conflicted to such an extent that Burgundy gifted the territory surrounding the village to the Duke of Eastmarch... or so the story goes. After several years of settlement by the folk of Navarre, the village seems in many ways as unsafe as ever, with intrigue and enemies abounding.


The Chronicles of Burgundar are run jointly by Carrie Johnson, Levi Smith and Ralph Plumpton.

The Chronicles of Novgorond: 

The newest Mystwood Chapter, Mystwood: Novgorond is an expansion of the Mystwood world. Novgorond historically, was an influential Russian city state that often competed for power with Kiev. In the Mystwood world, some of its history has been included, and some has been embellished and changed. The players of Novgorond will be camped out a short distance away from The Wall that separates the civilized world from Thule and the Chaos Wastes. Defenders come from all over Europa to place their name on the “Roll of Defenders” and protect the Wall.

The Chronicles of Novgorond is run jointly by veteran Mystwood players Ty Guerin and Zach Plugge.

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